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There is no denying that the first thing you learn about Enjo is their company is geared to “Clean the World.” It’s a great slogan, and one that many people think about throughout the day. We all need to make the environment healthier, especially for the generations to come. Enjo believes this as well and they have designed a plethora of products as well as a business opportunity so people can get involved one way or another.

The Products

If you’re not familiar with their site you might have a hard time figuring out the product navigation. When you click on the link the first thing that comes up will probably be a kitchen glove. When we first viewed the site we thought that was the only “kitchen” product they offered. However, if you look above the picture you will find a sliding marquee with various products.

Here are a list of the categories they offer:

*Dust & Polishing
*Plus Line

Once you get a glimpse of their products you will realize that everything revolves around the Enjo fibers. If you’re curious about the scientific properties of their product lines, visit the technology section of their website. Here you can learn about what the fibers do, the benefits to owning Enjo products, and the type of environment you will provide for your family.

The Opportunity

One thing we noticed during our research was that the Enjo company has around 4,000 consultants worldwide. This is a fairly small number, which leads us to believe the company is rather new. Oddly enough we worked around their website and figured out the initial thought came about in 1985, but the manufacturing company wasn’t introduced until 1991.

During this time an opportunity was brought to the attention of each consumer that they could sell these products directly and earn an additional income. What it comes down to is anyone interested in the Enjo products will be able to purchase them from a distributor in their area, or you can become one yourself.

The idea is that you invite 6-8 people to your home. Leave a few areas dirty so they can see the Enjo products at work, and anyone who wants to purchase them can fill out forms and provide payments. Unfortunately we had a difficult time locating and informative pay scale, but based on their information our opinion would be that it is set up like an MLM business.

The Final Outlook

Thanks to allergies, broken down immune systems, asthma, and various other conditions that occur thanks to dirt and grime, we can see why there are several people purchasing these products. Then again, if there are only 4,000 consultants worldwide this raises all kinds of questions.

Is the payment plan to difficult to achieve success? How long does an individual stay in the company on average? Do they just market by word of mouth? Whatever you are thinking, it would be in your best interest to do a little more research on the Enjo products and company as a whole. Many reviews state that the products are great, but there needs to be more light shed on the business opportunity.

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