Who Is Afraid Of Saturn?

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The Planet Saturn is known in Western Astrology as the “Greater Malefic”. In Indian (Vedic) Astrology the Planet of Discipline (Shani) is also considered a Malefic. That being said, there is a huge misconception about the Energies of Saturn today.

Astrologers may have named Saturn a Malefic, but they have analyzed the placement of Saturn in the Birth Chart to see whether Saturn is “acting as a malefic” or not. Nowadays most people automatically assume that Saturn (Shani) is a bad, unlucky planet, without even checking the details of their Birth Chart.

It is time for someone to speak up in defense of Saturn. The Planet Saturn is related to delays, boundaries, hard work and generally “restrictions”. It should be noted that these”restrictions” aren’t random and mean-spirited (malefic). This simply means that Saturn gives us a constant Reality Check, hence the other nickname “The Great Disciplinary”. As Saturn is very strongly associated with Time, punctuality, along with dedication, hard work, reliability also becomes something that Saturn requires from us.

No matter how “harsh” these words seem, if one takes a step back and considers the role these “harsh” concepts play in our everyday lives, it easy to see that “discipline”, “punctuality”, “hard work” and “discipline”are only cruel, if we live a life of utter laziness with no purpose whatsoever.

Traditionally, the 10th and the 11th Houses are ruled by Saturn. These are the House of Career and Public Recognition (10th) and the House of Friends, also known as the House of Gains and Profits. The 11th House is probably the single most important House for incoming material gain and earnings. The fact that Saturn rules these houses, really underscores the unbelievable ability of Saturn to give. Saturn is the Planet (provided it is well placed and well aspected) that can give the most, regarding, money, fame, public recognition and success.

The Houses that Saturn aspects in the Birth Chart always receive these characteristics as well. (Saturn in, or aspecting the House of Death will give a long life, due to the “delaying” effect of Saturn). Equally, “sudden accidents” will greatly benefit from Saturn, as the Planet of Discipline will invariably dilute major accidents into small easier to manage mishaps.

During the Mahadasa (Planetary Period) of Saturn extra care should be taken of “following the rules” of Saturn, and hard work can be expected. But isn’t work a good thing? Purpose, punctuality, discipline, steady work are the backbone of a productive and happy life.

Embrace the qualities required by this Great Disciplinary, perform your duties diligently and on time, be reliable, work hard, persevere in your projects and Saturn will give you the Success you deserve. Wearing Blue Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli set in silver will bring excellent results! (Unless the Birth Chart indicates otherwise.)

As Astrology is best used as a tool for understanding the Universe and improving our lives, Planetary Gems will be way more effective if we consciously embrace the qualities of the Planet whose energies these magnificent gems channel. Wear a beautiful Blue Sapphire and actively “aim” for improving your attitude towards discipline and work, and the results will absolutely amaze you.

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