Why Are People Deaf and Blind to Climate Change and Contamination of the Planet?

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My heart bleeds for the destruction of this beautiful creation on which we have the privilege of living. Earth is finite in what it produces and how it works. People go out of their way to disrupt its natural laws and boundaries and we are all to blame for the end of the world, which is coming rapidly upon us. The question is why and can it be reversed, as scientists desperately want such a correction?

The answer is no! We are not capable of changing what has been part of our psyche for several millennium because there is a greater power at work behind the scene. It is the Great Spirit of the Universe and its intention was to end man’s presence in a cataclysmic episode to demonstrate how corrupt, deaf, blind, and anti-God are the majority.

If one asks the question of whether or not a person believes in God the answer will tell you that they do or don’t believe in religion. That is because they have been reared to the assumption that religious leaders are in contact with the Spirit and, therefore, are the best authorities to follow.

My reincarnation and knowledge of how wrong religions are is but one step in providing the answers to the above question. No one would believe a story that has no evidence, so my revelation had to wait until such was forthcoming. That happened at an age shown to me between lives. Then a commission was given with the means to perform it is the Internet.

As the Spirit led me the mysteries were resolved, the evidence gathered, and the web sites built. Articles in abundance support them and a new teaching has already gone forth for those who are prepared to risk turning away from religious lies to examine the facts.

God put religions in the way of those who are not connected to the Spirit, and for good reason, as explained in the Prophecies:

“The tabernacles (churches, temples, mosques, etc.) of robbers prosper, and they that provoke God are secure, into whose hands God bringeth abundantly.” Job12:5

To do that and make people compliant to religious teachings so that they blindly go about destroying the only planet on which they live something else was required:

“For god hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes… And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed… “ Isaiah 10,11

The answer to the question asked, therefore, is that it is done by the hand of God to show how stupid, blind, and deaf people are to reality. Only those who are spiritual within and linked in a way that religions know nothing of will make their way out of the catastrophe of climate change and a destroyed planet into a different place. That is the promise and all others will just fade away.

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