Why Do I Need to Act Now to Save Our Environment?

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Look around you. Is this the world you want the future generation to inherit from you? No more fresh air to breathe because of the pollution caused by your vehicle and waste. No more clean water to drink due to improper waste disposal and water pollution. I will not be surprise if we need to buy clean water someday to drink or to take a bath. No more animals to see due to illegal hunting of wild animals and deforestation. No more corals in the ocean to explore, blue sky to see, and flowers to smell. It is all because of our actions and negligence.

Don’t give the usual excuses. You should be involved in this cause. We are all citizens of the world so you are no exemption to act in saving our planet! What have you done lately? Come to think of it, you have been very busy with your work and earn a living. But where will this lead you if there will be no more habitable place to stay? Don’t think it is not possible for it is already happening today. Look at the victims of floods, landslides, and other natural calamity. That is just one of the ways where our mother nature retaliates for our abusive actions.

If you do not want that to happen to you and your family, then it is time to act now! There are many ways wherein you can contribute to the preservation of our planet. We can plant trees, conserve energy by turning off the lights when not needed, by checking water faucet to avoid leak and wastage of water, by cleaning our environment through proper waste disposal, by recycling our plastic bags and containers, and by joining causes to fight pollution. You can also actively participate in the activities and programs of your locality. There are actually various actions that you can do. It is just a matter of vigilantly participating in these causes wherein you can make a difference.

In my case, I have this group wherein we actively inform our local citizens about the importance of keeping our place clean. We have in fact joined in the “Earth Hour”. Our recent project is about re-educating kids the basic things they can do to save our home planet. There has been an overwhelming support from the parents and teachers. We were able to give gifts for these children as a reminder that as early as possible they must be exposed at our condition. I bought two special tokens for these youngsters. I bought them online where they sell groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts. They are personalized train and yoyo. I also added designs of our planet earth. They really enjoyed the gifts.

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