Why Public Leaders Must SERVE And Represent?

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One of the principal reasons, we witness, so – little, achieved, by those we elect, is, instead of living – up, to their responsibilities, to SERVE and represent, their constituents, they focus, on their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests! How else, can one explain, why, we witness partisan politics, on issues/ matters, which shouldn’t be, such as protecting all Constitutional guarantees (instead of convenient, selective ones), public health priorities, quality health and medical care/ treatment (for all), responsible Climate Change – related, actions, and effectively, addressing, environmental protections, especially, clean air and water? All Americans must, demand, from their elected officials, responsible, responsive, proactive, well – considered, actions and ideas, focused on relevant and sustainable needs, priorities, and solutions! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is important, and all Americans, must demand this, from those, they elect.

1. Sustainable; solutions; stronger; system: Unless/ until, sustainability, becomes a top priority, we will continued, to fail, to witness, viable, meaningful solutions, to those needs, goals, and priorities, of all Americans, and our nation! Shouldn’t we expect, and demand, the system, they suggest, consistently, emphasizes, making all aspects of America life, stronger, and more viable, etc?

2. Empathy; emphasis; effective: Many elected officials, refuse to consider, the needs, goals, and priorities, of their constituents, nor, even, fully – understand, and/ or, appreciate them, because, instead of emphasizing, effective listening, and thorough learning, they often, proceed, with a, My way, or the by – way, approach! We need to elect people, who put us, first!

3. Relevant; realistic; readiness/ ready; reasons/ rationale: Each of us, must examine the reasons, reasoning, and rationale, articulated, by those, elected, and consider them, as to, whether, they are, truly, relevant, and realistic, and enhances our nations readiness, for current, and future challenges! This is a primary, necessity, of, identifying, whether someone is ready, for their position!

4. Vision; vital; value; values; viable/ viability: Listen to what, any politician states, as his vital, vibrant vision, and consider, whether, it provides value, which aligns with our country’s values, and heritage, etc! Always, consider, whether it is, only, empty rhetoric, etc, or if it provides a viable solution, and the viability, we all need and deserve!

5. Excellence; endurance; enrich: Shouldn’t their representation, enrich us, and the nation, rather than them? Does the idea, and plan, focus – on, genuine excellence, and does the individual, have the personal endurance, to commit, to both the present, and into the future?

Wake up, America, and demand, your elected officials, consistently, SERVE and represent, citizens, and our nations, true needs and priorities! Will you become a more responsible, aware, voter?

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